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Brown Hand Embroidered Straight Silk Kurta

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Buy Women Kurtis/ Kurta Sets Online With LAAKHI

Fashion is a word that starts with the "F". It's something that speaks of "being in the moment ". It is something that comes from the heart and influences all those around you. You don't just want to be fashionable; you want to be elegant.

India has a long history of clothing in Textile Industry. The use of the traditional Indian clothing is widespread, not only in India but all over the world. Women's clothing in India is growing as a trendsetter for its simplicity and traditional touch.

Kurtis and Kurta Sets have been fused with fashion to introduce trend with latest designs and patterns which are looking good on men as well as women. Various prints methods have been used in India like Ajarakh, Dabu etc. Kurtis are viewed as a form of folk art. They are notable for their lightness and softness, which might be attributed due to their high percentage of cotton consumption compared to other materials.

Kurtis for women are an all-time favourite choice among many women who love to flaunt their style sense. So, if you want to buy Kurtis online then simply explore the wide range of colours, patterns, fabrics and styles offered by LAAKHI.

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Buying clothes online can seem to be more relaxing than one might think. There is no doubt that offline clothing shopping is a task where people get confused or find the entire search process extremely tiring and exhausting.

However, Laakhi has been working towards making their customer's lives easy by keeping their focus on delivering quality products at affordable prices. Shoppers can save money and most importantly time by carefully selecting kurti an online. To help you with your shopping decision, we have listed down various types of collection we have.

1. At Office and Daily Wear:

  • Wearing printed clothing at workplace is not a new trend anymore, it has become fashionable among the professional women. It can be said that printed clothes are not just for summers, but are perfect for the whole year.

2. At Partis, Special Occasion:

  • Silk Kurta naturally attracts folks towards to it. The simple yet elegant look of this Kurta that makes its wearer look decent and charming. Hnad embroidery is the most popular embroidery on this Kurta Sets. The whole hand embroidery is done by high quality silk threads and can create an ornamental look to your attire.


When you spend your hard earned money on a new outfit, wouldn't it be great if you could pass through so many artisan's hands. It all starts with a thought, idea or inspiration which leads our designers to the different imaginary world of fashion. Then comes the hundreds of steps needed to make those ideas and imagination into reality.

Every outfit is made to please the eye and comfort the body. Nearly all making processes require specialized skills, materials and expensive equipment. They also become part of a complex chain of production where each link in the chain contributes to making your outfit unique and special.

Our Collections are inspired by iconic styles that never go out of fashion. Every Kurta Set is made to please the eye and comfort the body. After all, you know what's best. Your outfit should complement your unique style and personality. At LAAKHI, we keep in mind the demands in Clothing of the modern woman who is chic and fashion-forward. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible clothing experience at a price to fit any budget. We aim to be your first choice.


After your order has been placed, it is sent to our design house where the devoted tailors work day and night to make your outfit unique. We only use the best of the best, so that you can be sure that your outfit is made from high quality material only.

If you're looking for luxurious clothes designed for those with a discerning taste, look no further than our brand LAAKHI. Our tailor-made Kurtis, Kurta Sets, Dresses, Tops will make you feel like a celebrity in the spotlight – not to mention how expensive you'll look.